Danish Science Week

Theme 2012: "Everything that is unknown to us"

The Danish Science Week 2012 takes place from September 24th to September 28th.

The theme of the Science Week 2012 is "Everything that is unknown to us". The theme provides opportunities for participants to engage in interdisciplinary projects and activities involving all scientific disciplines as well as the arts.

Watch this little movie about the Danish Science Week:

Danish Science Communication (DNF) coordinates the Danish Science Week. The Science Week has been held ten times; in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and annually 2006-2011. The festival has been a huge success and now engages 1/3 of the primary and secondary schools and more than 50% of the highschools.

Mission statement
The main purpose of the Scence Week is to create a wider and deeper understanding of science and technology in Denmark. The activities of the Science Week target children and youngsters in primary and secondary school and in highschools. Our ambitions are to:

  • help inspire teachers to teach exciting science
  • create the framework for innovative and fun science
  • help establish networks 
  • make science relevant
  • make science interdisciplinary 
  • place science and technology on the political agenda
  • initiate and coordinate festival activities throughout the country
  • enhance communication skills among scientists and professionals
The Danish Science Week is funded by the Danish Ministry of Education and by sponsorships and donations from companies and organisations. The many Science Week participants contribute with their voluntary work.

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For further information contact Project Manager Mie Himmelstrup, mih@formidling.dk, phone: (+45) 41 32 61 72.

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